Mom's Homemade

IMAGE: Hey Santa, is the hot Mom's Homemade the reason Rudolph's nose is so red? Either way, we hope you and Mrs. Claus enjoy the salsa!

We’ve stocked up on the hot stuff!

With a distinct chill in the air and snow on the ground, Mom’s has started planning ahead for the long, cold winter months. And that means laying in a 6-month supply of spicy peppers for the Hot version of Mom’s Homemade Salsa.

We’ve been prepping a supply of ghost peppers, cherry bombs, jalapenos, habaneros and lady fingers so that when you want a touch (okay, it’s more than a touch) of heat to help you through the coming chill, we won’t be left wanting. You see, we learned a tough lesson last winter that some of these little gems aren’t available on our suppliers’ when the snow flies thick and fast in the Great White North.

It delayed the arrival of our Hot salsa last year, but we’re confident that won’t be a problem this winter. So you’ll be able to head on down to your favourite local Mom’s retailer, and grab a jar to take a bit out of a frosty winter’s day … or night.


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