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Welcome to Stone Crop Acres, Thomas Bros. Farm Markets

Mom’s wants to welcome two fantastic new(ish) business to our network: Stone Crop Acres Winery just outside Morrisburg and Thomas Bros. Farm Market in London, Ont.

At Stone Crop Acres, drop by to sample some of their wonderful wines, and enjoy some Against The Grain tortilla chips with a jar of Mom’s Homemade to cleanse the ole palate in between tastings! Stone Crop is a favourite destination for Mom’s — we’ve been to several of their (socially distanced) concerts over the summer and had a wonderful time at the venue. If you haven’t yet, check them out, it’s definitely worth the trip to Morrisburg (hey, we think there’s a radio jingle in there).

Thomas Bros. Markets in London introduces Mom’s to a whole new city of salsa lovers. We want to thank the folks at Thomas Bros. for getting in touch and deciding to add us to their top-notch list of products. One important note if you are in that area … the market is a seasonal business which is open through Thanksgiving weekend, then reopens in the spring.

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