Mom's Homemade

Some thoughts about being ‘Homemade’

We had an interesting conversation recently with someone about Mom’s Homemade. In fact, the conversation focused mainly on the “Homemade” part, so in the interests of being completely fair and open, we thought we should explain a few things.

Due to Canada’s food and health regulations which keep us all safe, it’s very difficult anymore to sell any food product that’s actually made in a private home. Mom’s Homemade, as we’ve disclosed several times in our posts, is “made” at Mrs. McGarrigle’s absolutely wonderful specialty shop in Merrickville, just south of Ottawa. That’s because her kitchen, in the back of the store, has all the relevant certifications and approvals.

Very difficult to accomplish all this in the kitchen of a suburban Ottawa home.

So why do we call Mom’s “Homemade”? Because we now do at Mrs. McGarrigle’s exactly the same things we’ve done for years at home, where Cheryl and family gathered each fall to chop the veggies,  tinker with the recipe and cook up six or seven dozen jars of the salsa in its various iterations … Mild, Medium and our kick-butt Hot stuff.

For years, it was shared only with family and friends. Now, we’re sharing it with you, the public. But we still prepare the best ingredients, combine them, cook and pour the fresh, piping hot mix into those purple Mom’s jars by hand.

Heck, we could’ve compromised and cooked up our Spicy salsa without the Ghost Peppers which we waited so impatiently for (three months as it turned out). But we’re just not going to do that. Because then it’s not gonna be Mom’s. That’s how we feel about all aspects of Mom’s salsa.

This is why, when you try your first bite of Mom’s Homemade, we believe you are gonna love the texture and the scrumptious combinations of tastes. Maybe we can’t make it at the house anymore, but it’s still Mom’s Homemade – from the recipe to the way we prepare it for you.

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