Mom's Homemade

IMAGE: Cheryl shows off some of the Mom's Homemade.

Part of the fun of Mom’s Homemade: Meeting so many nice folks!

When you start a “home” business one of the most important things you can do is get your product, and your name, out in as many places as possible. As you do this you build your clientele, one face-to-face contact at a time.

There is nothing like chatting with folks, and offering them a mouthful of that tasty salsa, to establish a connection.

Cheryl and Mom’s have been out at a few recent events, including the wonderful Beechwood Market in downtown Ottawa in July, and this weekend (August 10-11) we’ll be in the Commercial Building at the Perth Garlic Festival. We’ll be offering free tastings of Mom’s Homemade and we hope to meet a lot of new friends during the two-day event.

We also enjoy networking with others who share our passion for their products. We’ve met lots of you over the past couple of months, sharing tips and information and learning more about the “small business” biz. The whole process can leave you giddy at times, your head spinning with ideas and possible future events to attend.

But at the same time it’s both educational, and wonderful.

All this is to say: Don’t be shy.

If you happen to see us at the festival this weekend, or at a future event, come on over, say hello and enjoy a sample. There is no obligation to buy, and we’re happy to spend a few minutes chatting about anything … the salsa, the weather, the event, the venue, monarch butterflies (okay, that seems odd but we’re up for it!), or whatever you like.

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