Mom's Homemade

We don’t add any sugar to Mom’s Homemade style salsa, nor do we add preservatives. We prefer to let the natural taste of the ingredients come through, allowing you to taste the crispness of those delicious veggies and the essence of our spices.

You can easily pronounce everything on our ingredient labels, no “ites” “ates” or 8-syllable additives. This has another benefit too … if you are on a sugar-restricted diet due to ailments such as diabetes, Mom’s might be a diet-friendly option for you.



Mom's Mild

Salsa doesn’t need to be hot, it just needs to taste great.  Mom’s Mild has no added heat. it just vursts with with vibrant taste of the veggies and our light blend of salsa spices.

Mom's Medium

Like a wee bit of tang on your tongue, but not strong heat of after taste?  Mon’s Medium is the blend for you, with just a dash of cayenne and Tabasco sauce to lend the salsa a bit of zing.,

Mom's Hot

Carefully crafted for a satisfying mix of taste and heat.  With a blend of five peppers – jalapeno, ghost, cherry bomb, habanero and lady finger – this salsa should definitely get your attention!

Mom's Wrath

A seasonal  blend available when we can source Carolina REeaper peppers (summer, fall, into early winter).  We add the Reapers in addition to our 5-pepper blend.  This one makes ya sweat.