Mom's Homemade

IMAGE: Kichesippi Beer Co. logo.

Need beer and salsa? Get both at Kichesippi Beer

IMAGE: Kichesippi Beer Co. logo.There are few better combinations than beer and salsa … and now you can find Mom’s Homemade style salsas at another great Ottawa craft brewer, Kichesippi Beer Co. on Robertson Road in Bells Corners!

Kichesippi becomes the second Ottawa craft brewer to stock Mom’s among the wonderful sauces, snacks and treats which are also available on its shop shelves. We’re also available at Stray Dog Brewing on Lacolle Way in Orleans, just off Trim Road in the east end of Ottawa.

One interesting note about Kichesippi is that if alcoholic beverages aren’t your thing, you can also buy craft sodas at the shop. Kichesippi makes four flavours of soda – Ginger Beer, Root Beer, Cream Soda and Lime. They also have nacho chips available (hey, if you’re getting salsa, you need the chips too) as well as many other tasty delights.

If you haven’t tried Kichesippi’s drinks, the facility has both a tap room and an outdoor seating area, and also a food truck of two in case you’ve got the munchies and just can’t wait until you get home. Drop by, check out their brews or sodas, and tell them MOM sent you…


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