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IMAGE: Mom's Homemade ... Mom's Wrath Scary Hot Salsa blend.

Mom’s Wrath really is Scary Hot salsa!

The fall temperatures in Ontario might be dropping like a stone, but Mom’s Wrath is now available to help you add some serious spice (aka heat) to your life! After months of caring for the Carolina Reaper peppers in Mom’s garden, then testing and tweaking our recipe, our first batch of Mom’s Wrath Scary Hot salsa is now on store and market shelves.

We’ve taken the recipe for Mom’s Hot salsa and added those incredibly zesty Carolina Reapers into the mix, creating a blend that, well, just makes you sweat. Because Mom herself is a bit of a tenderfoot in these matters, it fell to Dad and a group of special friends to taste test the Wrath. We cooked up a few different batches over several weeks, testing to ensure the taste remained but the heat level went up several notches.

In late October we put a batch together and it all fell into place. Dad took one bite, the sweat broke at the top of his forehead, and then took another. Phew. Yum. We knew we had it nailed! One of the first things we did was run some over to a special friend, Ruby, who is also a big fan of super hot foods. When she pronounced it market ready, we knew we were on our way.

So, if you’re a fan of very hot foods, give Mom’s Wrath a try … it’s in the jar with the Grim Reaper trying to claw his way outta the bowl! Guess it’s just too hot even for that rotten devil…

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