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Cheryl has been making salsa for a long time – in fact, as near as we can figure, this journey started somewhere around 2001 or 2002. Since the very first batches made in her west-end Ottawa home with the help of her children, she’s been refining the recipe and sharing the results with family and friends.

Every year, those family members and friends kept telling her how darned good it is … and that “you should be selling this stuff”. So in early 2019, she finally took the leap and launched Mom’s Homemade style salsa.

With the assistance of family, friends and the kind folks at Mrs. McGarrigle’s in Merrickville (a wonderful shop you’ve really gotta check out), Cheryl created her first batches to share with you and your families through a select group of specialty shops in and around Ottawa. 

Within a few months, our three initial varieties (Mild, Medium and Hot) were available on local store shelves and at select Markets, Fairs and other Special Events. In 2020, we added our super spicy Mom’s Wrath blend (the jars with the Grim Reaper on the label, representing the ripping hot Carolina Reaper peppers that add that extra heat).


The journey has been a wondrous and educational experience for Cheryl and the folks at Mom’s. 

We are humbled that this “side business” has grown to a network of over 40 stores and many markets and special events across Eastern and Central Ontario.

The positive feedback and compliments, the many people who have assisted in our growth, and the opportunity to meet so many of you when we’ve been out sampling at events has been fantastic, and we are deeply grateful.

If you’d like to give Mom’s a try, check out our Where To Buy page, with maps to help you find a retailer near you. Or check out our blog, where we maintain a list of the markets and special events we’ll be attending in the coming weeks and months.

We hope you enjoy eating Mom’s Homemade Style Salsa as much as we’ve enjoyed making it available for you …

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and watch for upcoming tastings in and around Ottawa where you can sample some of the product, and meet Mom in person.


Where to buy Mom's Locally

Mom has been working hard to expand our network of retailers!! 

Our delicious salsa blends can now be found in stores and markets across Ottawa and Eastern Ontario, and along the Seaway from Cornwall to Kingston. We’re also growing our network into Toronto, Southern and Central Ontario, so stay tuned for more locations in coming weeks.

We’re now available in over 40 retail outlets, plus many markets and special events.

For an updated list, visit our Where To Buy page, with addresses, links to store websites and maps. Our blog page contains a list of upcoming markets and events which Mom’s will be attending in person – yep, with samples!


Photo: Angelina Dunn