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Elusive “Ghosts” and Mom’s Hot Salsa

As I’ve experimented over the years with the salsa recipe, some of our friends and family started asking for a spicier version. Something with a little “bite back” to it. I took it as a challenge to balance taste and heat, and the quest began.

First, the obvious Jalapeno peppers were added. Nope, not quite right. I then threw in a Habanero or two, but again, it just didn’t seem right.

A bit of research led me to Ghost Peppers, Cherry Peppers and more. With some tinkering, and extensive taste testing by the more robust members of the family, we think we’ve got it! Our family rates it about a 7 out of 10 on the “sweat on your forehead” scale.

The problem at the moment is it’s the middle of a long, brutal winter in Ottawa. Even the Ghosts are in hiding (or at least, not on the local suppliers’ shelves) … so the “Hot” version of mom’s will be delayed a bit. For now, we hope you’ll enjoy the Regular and Medium versions … and we promise we’ll cook up some Spicy stuff as soon as we get a supply of those spicy little morsels.

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