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IMAGE: The Butchery in Bells Corners is now stocking all three flavours of Mom's Homemade Salsa.

A fall ramble with Mom’s

Mom’s went for a fall ramble on Saturday … and we had a fantastic time checking in with our network of retailers across Eastern Ontario.

First, let us note that we were as responsible as possible during this trip. Masks and hand sanitizing at all our stops, socially distancing and respecting all the local and store regulations to stay safe.

But stocking up is something we have to do to keep Mom’s in business. And, so those of you who love the product and support these local retailers can continue to enjoy Mom’s Homemade Salsa during the coming winter months – when we might be stuck inside, and perhaps isolated a lot more than we’d like. 

First, we’d like to welcome two new shops to the lineup of outlets where you can find Mom’s Homemade …  The Butchery in Bells Corners in Ottawa, and Foodsmiths in Perth. We’re really excited to start building relationships with these local businesses, which are stocking Mom’s Mild, Medium and Hot blends.

We’ve stocked up most of our other outlets as well … from 692 Coffee and Bar in Manotick; to Rosie Yumski’s in Westport; Mrs. McGarrigle’s in Merrickville; B & H grocery in Kemptville; both Greg’s Quality Meats, and Foodland in Winchester; and down at Stone Crop Winery near Morrisburg.

The first thing you’ll likely notice is Mom’s new packaging. Due to the ongoing shortage of our traditional round jars (discussed in a blog post last month), we’ve switched to a Mason-style jar. Also gone are the gold lids in favour of a new black topper. And, the labels have been slightly modified. 

What hasn’t changed is the great taste inside!

Saturday was a beautiful day for Mom (and Dad and our unofficial mascot, our cockapoo Carly) to pile into Mom’s car “Tigger” and head out on our rounds. 

It was great to say hi to our fellow entrepreneurs (albeit from a distance), the sun was shining and we spent a lot of time in the fresh air. We even had to stop for a group of three deer (two does and a fawn) on County Road 43 on the steep incline heading down into Westport. After all, pedestrians always have the right of way…

That was kinda neat.

We also enjoyed some fantastic hot dogs at lunch from Lester’s Hot Dog stand along Highway 15 just outside of Smiths Falls. Seems Les is pretty well known down in that area, and he serves a mean “Big Weiner” – to quote his roadside signage. The home-baked beans and honey were a neat side to the tasty hot dogs, in place of the usual stand-in french fries. Drop by sometime if you’re in the area, you won’t be disappointed!

That’s it for now … we’ll add a few more details over the coming days and weeks. Get outside if you can, we found it so refreshing! 

And stay safe everyone.

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