Mom's Homemade

We’re so sorry … but we have no jars

Chalk up another issue to the Gremlins of 2020 … there is a shortage of jars. And that means we can’t produce any Mom’s for at least a couple of weeks. Sigh.

We apologize profusely for this, but apparently recent strikes at two ports mean products which are shipped by boat are facing extensive delays in getting to their destinations. So, Mom’s jars are likely still sitting out in a harbour … waiting to be offloaded. Sigh.

We have a small stock of product remaining, and we’re hopeful that the shortage won’t last for very long, but it means Mom’s Homemade might temporarily be unavailable at some of our retail and market locations. Again, we’re very sorry … we usually have a good stock of jars ourselves, but thanks to your support for the salsa, we’ve used everything we had in storage.

If you do encounter a problem buying Mom’s, feel free to let us know via our email link and we’ll make it a priority to restock those locations as soon as we can get back into production.

Thanks to all for your phenomenal support and we hope you are all staying safe during these trying times.


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