A bit about Mom’s

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Cheryl has been making salsa for a long time. Since the very first batch, made almost 15 years ago in her west-end Ottawa home with the help of her children, she’s been refining the recipe and sharing the results with family and friends.

Every year, she’s been hearing how darned good it is … and that “you should be selling this stuff.”

So this year, she’s taking the leap to launch Mom’s Homemade.

With the assistance of family, friends and the kind folks at Mrs. McGarrigle’s in Merrickville (a wonderful shop you’ve really gotta check out), Cheryl will be creating her first batches to share with you and your families through a select group of specialty shoppes in and around Ottawa,

UPDATE: All three varieties are currently available, a Regular recipe, a Medium version with a bit of tang, and a Hot version featuring Ghost Peppers and four other spicy peppers in the recipe. We had to wait almost three months for those peppers to come back into season before we could cook up the hot, so we hope you think it’s worth the wait.

That Spicy jar is gonna be a wee bit caliente, so watch that first bite if you’re a tenderfoot. Even folks who like it hot should get a touch of sweat on the brow!

We hope you enjoy Mom’s Homemade.

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