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Mom’s is getting a makeover!


Like most of you, we think, Mom’s Homemade is about ready to put 2020 behind us and turn over a new leaf. That means there are some changes coming … to Mom’s website, to our jars and labels, and an addition to our product line that will leave you sweatin’ and pantin’!

After several months, we’re finally done testing Mom’s Wrath, and we’ll be preparing our first full batch in the next few weeks. We lovingly tended those scorching hot Carolina Reaper peppers in Mom’s garden all summer, and now that they’re all harvested, we’re set to unleash them on the salsa world. (And yes, we literally grew the Carolina Reapers ourselves, in Mom’s garden)

If you’re familiar with the Scovill scale, which measures the “heat” level of hot peppers, you’ll probably know Carolina Reapers just about fry the meter. And if you’ve been waiting for a REALLY hot blend of Mom’s Homemade Salsa, well, that wait is almost over. Same incredible taste, but a whole new level of hot!

We’ll post an update soon to let you know when Mom’s Wrath is ready to melt the market shelves.

Mom’s is also making a few aesthetic changes. You’re going to see a brand new website in coming weeks. We’ll be unveiling a few new features with it, including more photos and an improved visual listing of where you can buy Mom’s.

Finally, due to that darned shortage of our classic round 500 ml jars, which just doesn’t want to end, we’re gonna change our packaging. Our next batch of Mom’s, which should be ready in a week or two, will be in a Mason-style jar and sporting a slightly modified label. Oh, you can still look for the bright purple wrap with Mom’s smiling face on it, but there will be a few subtle changes to the overall appearance.

The one thing that will NEVER change, however, is the quality and great taste you’ve come to expect from Mom’s. That’s been our promise to you since Day 1.



Welcome to Stone Crop Acres, Thomas Bros. Farm Markets

Mom’s wants to welcome two fantastic new(ish) business to our network: Stone Crop Acres Winery just outside Morrisburg and Thomas Bros. Farm Market in London, Ont. 

At Stone Crop Acres, drop by to sample some of their wonderful wines, and enjoy some Against The Grain tortilla chips with a jar of Mom’s Homemade to cleanse the ole palate in between tastings! Stone Crop is a favourite destination for Mom’s — we’ve been to several of their (socially distanced) concerts over the summer and had a wonderful time at the venue. If you haven’t yet, check them out, it’s definitely worth the trip to Morrisburg (hey, we think there’s a radio jingle in there).

Thomas Bros. Markets in London introduces Mom’s to a whole new city of salsa lovers. We want to thank the folks at Thomas Bros. for getting in touch and deciding to add us to their top-notch list of products. One important note if you are in that area … the market is a seasonal business which is open through Thanksgiving weekend, then reopens in the spring.



Edible Ottawa tried Mom’s … and LOVED it! 


IMAGE: Mom's Homemade Salsa has been featured in the March 2020 edition of Edible Ottawa magazine.

Mom’s Homemade Salsa has been featured in the March 2020 edition of Edible Ottawa magazine.

The buzz about Mom’s just continues to grow in Eastern Ontario, and this spring it extends to the region’s premiere foodie publication, Edible Ottawa magazine.

Feature writer Peter Simpson and photographer Angelina Dunn joined Cheryl and eldest son Dave for a cooking day down at Mrs. McGarrigle’s in January. They heard the story behind the creation of Mom’s, saw the love and care that goes into preparing our salsa and then crafted a wonderful article/review.

We’re so proud to be profiled on these pages, and we hope it exposes Mom’s to many, many new folks who might not have heard of us yet.

Edible Ottawa is available FREE at many area stores and restaurants dedicated to GREAT food. In addition to Mom’s, the pages tell the stories of several other area gastro-entrepreneurs, including Karen Farm, Dumpling? Dumpling!, Kamosu Miso, the Gray Jay and more…

Quick, go pick one up before they’re all gone!


FOR ALL MOM’S UPDATES: Why not visit our blog, where we post updates about Mom’s Homemade, as well as any upcoming events where we’ll be appearing with our Mild, Medium and Hot salsa blends.


No added sugar … no preservatives

Did you know … we don’t add any sugar to Mom’s Homemade Salsa, nor do we add preservatives. We prefer to let the natural taste of the ingredients come through, allowing you to taste the crispness of those delicious veggies and the essence of our spices.

You can easily pronounce everything on our ingredient labels, no “ites” “ates” or 8-syllable additives.

This has another benefit too … if you are on a sugar-restricted diet due to ailments such as diabetes, Mom’s might be a diet friendly option for you.


Where you can buy Mom’s Homemade

Here’s our updated list of shops and markets where you can find Mom’s Homemade Salsa:

Ottawa and Eastern Ontario Locations

Other Ontario/Quebec Locations:

Online Markets which stock Mom’s Homemade:


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