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You can now find Mom’s in Kemptville and Westport

Mom’s Homemade has added two new stores to our expanding network of outlets where you can pick up a jar (or two) of our tasty salsa. We welcome Rosie Yumski’s in Westport and B&H Grocer in Kemptville. Both stores are carrying all three varieties of Mom’s Homemade, including our first batch of Hot salsa.

Mom’s Homemade Hot Salsa now available

We found ghost peppers, we found ghost peppers! And so, Mom’s Homemade Hot salsa is now available at all the locations with one exception, the Perth Cheese Shop which carries our Regular and Medium blends.

Warning: Lots of people call their products “Hot”. We don’t know what it actually registers on the Scoville Scale (go ahead, Google it, it’s a real measure of hot pepper intensity), but we know Mom’s has some serious kick. If you like really hot or suicide wings, this variety of Mom’s is something you might want to try.

If your taste buds are a bit too sensitive for that kind of heat, we suggest you stick with Medium.

TIP: If you’re not sure but really want to try the Hot, buy a jar of regular or medium as well. You can always cut some of the less spicy versions into the Hot to get it just right for you, your family and friends. All three of our blends contain identical ingredients, with the exception of the peppers, so mixing won’t affect the taste, just the heat level.

Bon apetit! 

Mom’s Homemade contains no added sugar

Did you know … we don’t add any sugar to Mom’s Homemade Salsa. We prefer to let the natural taste of the ingredients come through, allowing you to taste the crispness of those delicious veggies and the essence of our spices. This has another benefit too … if you are on a sugar-restricted diet due to ailments such as diabetes, Mom’s might be a diet friendly option for you.

The recipes are here! The recipes are here!

We promised you some great recipes (other than just the obvious nachos, tacos, burritos type of fare) and here they come. Our first two recipes are posted in Mom’s Blog … just click on the headlines, or the Recipes section to view them.

We’ve added in a wonderful comforting meatloaf and a great spin on the breakfast standard of “ham and eggs” as our first two dishes. Check them out, try them yourself and let us know what you think.

Where you can buy Mom’s Homemade

Finally, here’s our updated list of Ottawa and area stores where you can find Mom’s Homemade Salsa:



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